SF12 LOREN CHASSE - The animals and ...

1. The animals and their shadows 2. Lake plants 3. Biomimicry 4. When the flower throwers wither 5. Underground prints 6. The wentle trap and the watering-pot shell 7. A jut of air and open stone 8. Wilting lianas 9. In the tubes 10. The urns at Weeki-Wachee

Recordings from the Florida Gulf Coast… Lava Beds National Park, California… Chinatown, Los Angeles…Lower Lewis River Falls, Washington… Elowah Falls and Revival Drum Shop, Oregon…2012-2014

Recorded in Portland, OR 2013-2014

Painting by Kendra Lichtenwalner

format: CD in DVDBOX ltd. 500

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San Francisco is a city with a populace in constant flux, with only a few that could claim to have legitimately made a mark upon this city. Loren Chasse was one such artist, who had called San Francisco home for well over a decade and a half before taking up residence in Portland a few years back. His musical explorations begin through an endless curiosity with the uncanny sounds of the environment. In his art, work, and life, Chasse's sense of wonder with with acoustic details and phenomena played out like kid with soil-stained hands searching underneath every moss-encrusted rock and rotten log for salamanders, scorpions, beetles, millipedes and other creatures of the soil. He's equally at home exploring such ideas and thoughts with school children (the day job both here in San Francisco and up north) and rummaging around vast piles of sticks in one of the many deconstructed, psychedelic happenings he released under the banner of Jewelled Antler. Thuja, The Blithe Sons, The Child Readers, and The Franciscan Hobbies were some of the Jewelled Antler projects in which Chasse participated, though Jewelled Antler was seamless and fluid in recording a 'temple music' of their own making, wherein the roughhewn interventions of guitar, piano, zither, and gong morph into the ambience of a field recording and vice versa. This dedication to these organic networks of sound and the discovery of the transcendent through these explorations are just a few of the reasons as to why aQuarius has championed Chasse's work for so many years.

And so we get to The Animals And Their Shadows, only Chasse's second album since 2008, making his return to the recorded medium all the more welcome. As in particular with Thuja and his solo Jewelled Antler recordings under the name Of, Chasse loosely locates his sound objects in acoustically rich locations and often rebroadcasts those recordings back into those spaces to further the environmental resonance. The tracing of sonic footpaths with dripped sand matches the cold spray of the surf, with Chasse imparting a dislocation of the two intertwined coastal elements, emblematic of the way that he observes, shapes, and interacts with sounds both captured in studio and in nature. Radiant drones, leaf clatter, shapeless wateriness, and even a few stains of industrial detritus populate The Animals And Their Shadows finding parallels to both the almighty Taj Mahal Travellers and Akio Suzuki at the same time. Even when the sounds are distinctly from a drum kit or from a bowed dulcimer, Chasse finds a way to tilt those sounds into an organic other. A wonder to behold.

Aquarius Records


Можно легко представить, что этот альбом вышел на небезызвестном бельгийском лейбле Mystery Sea. В принципе, у Лорена уже был там релиз под псевдонимом Coelacanth, да и под своим настоящим именем он издавал альбом на Unfathomless, сестринском лейбле, посвященном полевым записям. Так что тут ничего удивительного – абстрактные эмбиентовые композиции, нанизанные на каркас полевок всегда в почете.

The Animals And Their Shadows все же несколько «шире» концепции бельгийского гудельного импринта: Лорен не ограничивает себя маринистикой, в «прицел» его микрофона попадает весь объем звуков живой и не очень природы. Что-то сродни Songs Of The Living Лоуренса Инглиша, если бы они не были просто аудиодневником путешествий музыканта. Собственно, используя абстрактные ритмы окказиональных полевых записей Лорен и развивает свои треки. The Animals And Their Shadows – словно сборник поэзии: метафоры, неожиданные сравнения, образы, нанизанные на нитку ассоциативной ритмики.

Дмитрий Такмаков