Far east is composed by two different parts. First of all, it hear to a metal, plastic, and several kinds of artificial concrete sounds from an inorganic drone and the noise. Next, it is a soundscape with some organic unprocessed materials. Each different sound material is corresponding as a delicate and meditative tracks. "Far east" will unite the separated different sense at another angle.

Hiroki Sasajima

format: CD in DVDBOX ltd. 500

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"Along with fellow compatriot Yui Onodera, Hiroki Sasajima is another young Japanese ambient artist to take note of. His latest deeply introspective work entitled "Far East" delivers brainwave drone sedation which will take you into your 'Alpha level' faster than a psychotherapist with a swinging watch...

Don't be surprised if you find yourself constantly snapping out of a hypnotic trance while listening to this tranquil and quietly exploratory work."

Dale Lloyd (and/OAR)

"Far East" demonstrates once more Hiroki Sasajima's uncommon & acute perceptive faculties...in this work, each isolated movement, each rustling seem expertly amplified such as to reveal their true essence, tracing back to their source, catching their primal vibration... Withing the ripple itself, we become privileged listeners to our breathing, trembling world...
"Far East" is an uttermost organic journey for the senses where things happening normally only on the edge or in filigree suddenly occupy the foreground...
The caress of wind, veins on stones, the shivering of water, these simple realities gain new epic proportions, and the impalpable opens up...
Daniel Crokaert (Mystery Sea/Unfathomless)
As one of the forefront collectors of natural composition and experimental sound, Hiroki Sasajima's music contributes a unique soul to the current world of music, and our everyday sound. The sounds may seem placed simply on the surface, but looking just a bit deeper, and losing focus, the soundscape becomes more. Depth is distance, and material is movement.

In these days, it is refreshing hearing an artist who pays such attention to their sounds, not only featuring the natural beauty of the purity in the recordings, but in result creating an all new world, which is full of possibility. I look forward to each of Sasajima's works, knowing it will always be a fascinating new vision.

Will Thomas Long (Celer/Two Acorns)

Хироки Сасаджима - молодой и талантливый японский музыкант, ”Far East” - его первый полноформатный CD-альбом после малотиражных релизов на лэйблах Q-Tone, 3leaves, Mystery Sea и S.R.A., которые появлялись один за другим в течение прошедшего года. Загадочным образом модифицируя полевые записи и сочетая их с дроун-эмбиентом, он отправляет слушателя в области, пограничные с мечтами и иллюзиями. Альбом состоит из двух частей: в первой мы слышим искусственно созданное звучание металла, пластмассы и прочих неогранических сред в форме дроун-нойза, во второй - необработанные полевые записи в контексте звукового ландшафта. По словам автора, альбом призван объединить в себе совершенно раличные эмоциональные состояния, заставляя взглянуть на них под другим углом.
Monochrome Vision