SALA - here I went there 

The initial idea of the work - unheard city or city that was heard differently. Sounds, that are rather inaudible, but they affect us as much as everyday sounds. These are vibrations of different urban objects, recorded using contact microphones and converted into the audible range of vibrations. Unexpected excursions into the underwater world that is right next to us, armed with hydrophones. Electric city, submerged in the ocean of electromagnetic radiation, dead and dreaming like a mythical monster Cthulhu. I traveled here while listening to the city - alone and together with all of you that weren’t there. Recorded and mixed during the curated residencies program “Questioning Arts”, Utena, Lithuania, 2015.

John Grzinich - Order Induction

Recorded in Estonia, Finland and Iceland 2015-2017. Composed at maaheli studio, June 2017 ‘Order Induction’ is a dedication to the noise that pervades our daily lives and the function it serves. By ‘noise’ here I don’t refer to the proliferating array of sounds that distract and disrupt cognitive continuity and hence ‘pollute’ our environment. Noise here specifically refers to the quality of broad band frequency sound that result from rich signal density be it from moving air or large scale mechanical activity. Yes, much of this noise can be evaluated as a form of pollution in its increasing pervasiveness and damaging pressure levels. Yet the noise recordings for ‘Order Induction’ were made in everyday environments from an array of sources as evidence of how broad band noise constitutes a significant amount of the sound that we perceive, including more ‘wild’ natural environments. In the end the the distinction of ‘good’ or ‘bad’ noise breaks down and becomes a matter

Kromeshna - Chthonic god

This composition is a live mix of archival recordings and materials recorded specially for this session. Here are used field recordings, tape experiments, night sessions recordings and other materials. This composition is a kind of reference to the early works of the project. Kromeshna addressed to archaic, animism, subconscious and memory of blood recording. It's damp here and someone is peeking at you from under the old tree roots ... 

format: CD in digifile ltd. 300

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