M.NORTHAM - beliefs, like a ruined piece of paper lost at the bottom of an infinite pocket

Northam, Michael - beliefs, like a ruined piece of paper lost at the bottom of an infinite pocket
recorded - la pommerie, france / hampi, india / berlin, germany (c) 2009 orogenetics

"Many of our ideas and beliefs about ourselves and the world are so deeply ingrained that we are unaware that they are beliefs and take them, without questioning, for the absolute truth.
For instance, we believe that we are a body, that we are a man or a woman and that we were born and will die. We believe that we are an entity amongst innumerable other entities, and that this entity resides somewhere in the body, usually behind the eyes or in the chest area.
We believe that we are the subject of our experience and that everything and everyone else is the object. We believe that we, as this subject, are the doer of our actions, the thinker of our thoughts, the feeler of our feelings, the chooser of our choices. We believe that this entity we consider ourselves to be, has freedom of choice over some aspects of experience but not others.
We believe that time and space are actually experienced, that they existed before we did and will continue to do so after we have died.
We believe that objects exist independently of their being perceived, that Consciousness is personal and limited, that it is a by-product of the mind and that the mind is a by-product of the body.
These and many other such beliefs are considered to be so obviously true that they are beyond the need of questioning. They amount to a religion of materialism to which the vast majority of humanity subscribes."


Rupert Spira 'The Transparency of Things
Contemplating the Nature of Experience'